Pressman Jobs - How And Where To Find Them

  Let's face it, the pressman jobs market isn't the largest out there.  If you were a drywaller or a carpenter, your choices are greater, but pressman jobs are certainly not as plentiful.  Add to that the varieties of equipment and you have a very specialized industry.  Here are some tips that can help land a pressman job in the printing industry.

pressman jobs1.  Do Your Research for Pressman Jobs

  The truth is, pressman jobs get a lot more specialized.  You have different types of printing, such as flexographic, digital, gravure, or offset.  So if you are an offset pressman, it is further divided up into sheetfed and web.  If you are a web pressman, then it is further divided into commercial or newspaper printing.  Beyond that you have the different types of equipment: Ryobi, Heidelberg, Man Roland and on it goes.  Still, pressman jobs can be divided further.

  Let's say you work on a Man Roland double wide Lithoman IV press.  So of course there are not too many pressman jobs looking for this type of experience.  But with such a specialized knowledge of that particular press, your talents are valuable at certain printers.  Presenting your specific job talent to a printer with the exact same press is a very attractive proposition.  Find those presses and you put yourself in high demand.

  Of course, how do you find where the particular press that you have experience with is located is no easy task.  And this leads to our second point.

2.  Tap into resources

  Would you like to know what types of equipment each printer has?  For instance, your trying to find out which printers in your area have a Heidelberg Speedmaster because you know that press like the back of your hand.  What is more, you can command top dollar since you can walk right in and start running the thing.  Here are some tips:

a.  Salesmen - Believe it or not, ink and paper salesmen are one of the best sources of pressman jobs.  They visit all of the printers in your city and can tell you what each printer has.  They can even tell you how busy they are and maybe even give tipoffs like whether a company is laying off or adding another shift.  Ink salesmen can tell you what printers have in your local area, whereas paper salesmen can tell you a much broader range over a better part of the country.  A simple question like "By the way, do any other printers in the area have a press like this?" can lead to an informative conversation.

b.  Search Engines - Put the name of your press in a search engine.  For example, type in the name of your city and the words Goss Community.  You may be surprised to see some local printers pop us that have such equipment.

c.  Fellow Printers - Ask fellow pressmen what they know about printing equipment in your area.  They may not have worked there, but they likely know of others that have may be able not only to tell you what equipment they have, but who you can contact to find out about pressman jobs there.

3.  Sell Yourself - Take no offence please, but most pressrooms I have seen do not have the most good looking people.  What I mean by that is that they don't look like the kind of people you would want to see in a job interview.  Long greasy hair and inky clothes with tatoos all over is not too uncommon for a good pressman.  

  But in the job interview, the human resources manager is not turned on by these things.  If you're half decent looking, include a nice picture on your resume.  Better yet, give them a link to your facebook site or something online they can see to confirm your just another good looking clean cut guy - because that's what you are, right?

4.  Push The Right Buttons

printing jobs

Likely the person that does the screening for a large printing company is not the pressroom foreman, but a human resources manager.  A printing job is a much more cloudy concept to him.  He's filtering through hundreds of resumes and you can easily slip through the cracks.  

  In my experience, you need to push the right button.  In other words, speak to the pressroom foreman.  He can pull the trigger better than anyone else.  If you're right for the job, he'll make it happen.

5.  Look In The Right Places - Much as mentioned in point number two, send your resume to places that have the same equipment you are familiar with.  Make that equipment the selling feature of your resume.  Don't worry that they are not advertising for a printing job.  You will get their attention.  After that, look through classified advertising.  Sites like and others are a rich resource of pressman jobs.  Granted, the competition is fierce, but your pretty face just may be your golden ticket.

  So while pressman jobs can cover a broad spectrum, by specializing yourself and looking in the right places, your employment possibilities increase greatly.

By Robert Critchley