Pressman Job Descriptions


Let’s examine crew responsibilities in the pressroom.  Here is a breakdown.  This partial list of responsibilities covers the entire crew and the full gamut of tasks necessary to operate a press successfully.  In some ways, this table can serve as a day-to-day job description for each pressman.  

Head Pressman 2nd
Rolltender Jogger
Personal safety x x x x x
Examine signatures for defects x x x
Check load tags for accuracy x x x
At Makeready - check webup for accuracy x x x  
Watch stacker operation x x
Watch for cutoff, fold and slitting x x
Watch levels - silicone, fountain solution etc x
Monitor and adjust dryer temperatures x
Check water pans x x
Monitor fountain solution mix and pH x x
Check all filters x
Adjust dampening to minimum water x x x
Inspect blankets for piling x x
Check for blinding plate image x x x
Monitor and adjust color x x x
Monitor and adjust register x x x
Fill ink fountains x x x x
Inspect rollers for bad bearings on makeready x x x
Adjust tension x
Clean web guide and cut-off eyes x x
Inspect operation of web break detectors on makeready x
Lubrication - on makeready x
Record cause and location of web breaks x
Maintain press supplies (gum, rags etc) x x
Prepare plates for next job x x x
Check for upcoming jobs x
Check ink / paper requirements for next job x x
Keep accurate shift log x

Since all presses have different configurations, and job mixes, this list should be customized to conform to your local conditions.  This list is a good starting point.

by Frank Drazan

Copyright 2010
Printing Pressman